Megamalai Trekking

For a long time, there has been a pending proposal with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department to establish the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary on 600 km2 of forest in the division. The suggested priority tasks in the sanctuary include: the control of poaching, the use of pesticides for the elimination of ganja (Cannabis sativa) and the cultivation as well as scientific management of watersheds. The Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary can be an excellent buffer to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary which can immensely strengthen the conservation in the southern Western Ghats – the range of hills south of the Palakkad Gap.

Wildlife found on the High Wavy Mountains include Oriental honey buzzard, great pied hornbill, Indian brown mongoose, Jerdon's palm civet, white-bellied short-wing, black-naped monarch, pied thrush, gaur, tiger, leopard, Asian elephant, mouse deer, Ghatixalus asteropsRaorchestes beddomiiRaorchestes ponmudiNyctibatrachus sp., Ramanella triangularisRamanella montanaCalotes grandisquamisHemidactylus anamallensisSalea anamallayanaKaestlea travancoricaKaestlea laterimaculataUropeltis madurensisUropeltis liuraCalliophis nigrescens, large-scaled pit viper and the enigmatic Hutton's pit viper.

When the high wavys group of estates were managed by Hindustan Unilever, the company started a non-profit orgainization called the Megamalai Wildlife and Environment Association. It worked with the forest department to protect the endangered species and safeguard the forest and its creatures; it did so by putting up signs promoting the preservation of nature and animals along the Ghat road of Meghamalai. Unfortunately, most of these signs were destroyed in an expansion project that took place on the Ghat road. The forest department has put new signs to replace the damaged ones.

Meghamalai popularly called High Wavy Mountains, is a cool and misty mountain range situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district, Tamil Nadu. The entry fee is 2800/person which includes Food 5 times (2 non veg & 3 veg),Tent stay ,Camp fire,Guide charge and Jeep ride