koluku Malai Trekking

Kolukkumalai Trekking is an excellent option for people looking to trek up a high peak without the long ascent. The walk starts from the Mountain Hut and traverse through tea estates, shoal forest and grassland.

It is the opportunity for a spot of bird watching and looking for some rare plants. The world's highest tea estate is located at Kolukkumalai. You can have a relaxed visit of the plantation and the factory.

During your time at the estate you will have the opportunity to pick tea with the workers, process it at the factory and can carry home a small pack of tea as a memento of your visit at Kolukkumalai Tea Estate.

A walk with a naturalist is a rewarding experience for people looking for endemic and regional birds of the high ranges. Your naturalist will be an experienced local person who would know exactly where to visit to look for any specific bird species that you are looking for.

The Meeshapulimalai trek is a very popular trek for people looking to walk up a tall peak. At 2636 meters Meeshapulimalai is arguably the second highest peak after Anaimudi (which incidentally is in the highly protected Eravikulam National and out of bounds to visitors)

You can choose to start the Meesapulimali Trek from either the Kolukkumalai Mountain Hut or the Silent Valley Tea Estate. You also have the option of returning to the starting point of the trek on completion of the trek or walk down the other side. If you start walking from Kolukkumalai then you could finish the trek at Silent Valley Estate/ Rhodovalley or vice-versa.

To get to the top you traverse through diverse terrain ranging from carpets of tea bushes to lush evergreen shoals, pine forests managed by KFDC and the undulating grasslands at the top.

The walk up the peak requires a reasonable amount of fitness and not recommended in the monsoon months of June-August. The high winds, thick clouds and heavy rains make it a difficult task to complete! The winter months of December to February can be very chilly in the morning and evening but hot once you get to the grasslands at the top of the peak.

The weather at the top is totally unpredictable in the hills especially with the hot air from the Tamil plains working its way up meeting the cold mountain air !


Welcome to Kolukkumalai!

Kolukkumalai is the world’s highest elevation tea plantation at 7900 feet msl. Kolukkumalai is without argument one of the world’s most beautiful scenic destinations. Started in the early 1900s the estate produces tea using the orthodox method in the time-tested tea factory.

Why Kolukkumalai Tea?

No pesticide and No chemical fertilizer used
Tea plants grow slower due to high altitude.
Higher altitude, greater the quality tea.
High Quality Caffeine - Good Mind Medicine.
Vintage orthodox manufacturing process for high quality low productivity - One of the very few factories in the world.
Extreme steep terrains and extreme wind conditions are challenging to our workers.
Healthy Tea grows in pure energizing pollutant-free air.
Special Unique Taste.