Kurangani Hills

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Kurangani is a slope station on the Western Ghats from Bodinayakanur in the Indian territory of Tamil Nadu. Kurangani implies " The spot which wears monkeys as its gems'' in Tamil. This slopes journey is one of the difficult and hypnotizing trips of Tamil Nadu. This hill offers an astonishing spot for traveling fans and nature darlings on the loose. The unbelievable view of tea estate slopes alongside the thick woods and mitigating prairies make the area equipped for letting you experience a loved excursion. This Hills journey establishes a 12 km climb from Kuranganitown to Top Station through Central town. It is situated close to the Kolukkumalai Hills, which is a noticeable spot for tea manor on the planet that remains at a height of nearly 8,000 feet. It is close to Bodi in the Theni locale is an ideal spot for travelers just as nature Athens . The 12 km climb from Kuranganitown to Top Station through Central town is an excursion to be treasured. The journeying course here is secured with the thick woods and plain prairies of Kurangani Hills. Even though KuranganiHill is close to the popular Kolukkumalai Hills, which is the most elevated spot for tea estate on the planet at a height near 8,000 feet, the spot is as yet not known in the travel industry circuit. Be that as it may, a few unfamiliar sightseers do come here. Some nature darlings inside the state likewise as often as possible visit Kurangani Hills. Movie producers also have been enchanted essentially here. Now and again evolving climate, low-hanging mists, nippy air, and solid breezes combined with a wide scope of vegetation are the things to appreciate in the slopes. It takes four to five hours to finish the traveling from Kurangani town to Top station, though more than two hours for the arrival trip. Travelers regularly spot Indian guars, yelping deer, langurs, wild felines, and in some cases the nearness of panthers and tigers. Top Station offers an all-encompassing perspective on the magnificent Western Ghats. The uncommon Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus), for which the goal is well known, blossoms once in a multi-year.Kurangani slopes station on the Western cards opposite Bodinayakanur. It has a State's developing coconut, mangoes, and all flavors and espresso. There is a mountain stream that goes between kurangani mountains in the East and West slopes, numerous traveling trails to the well-known goal searches of kolukkumalai and Top station, and Rhodo valley. kurangani slopes appropriate for traveling and nature strolls. It is a 12-kilometer stroll from the town to Top station through Central town those to visit Munnar in Kerala can likewise enter the following course, close by strolling down the thick woods and plane meadows by arriving at the top station border. The slopes are portrayed by much of the time changing climate low hanging mists nippy air and solid breezes and to the wide scope of vegetation. It takes 4 to 5 hours to finish the journey from the town which is at the lower region optician where are 2 and half hours are sufficient from the arrival trip, travelers can discover sambalar falls and Kottakudi stream wellspring of the drinking water needs Bodinayakanur town while meandering through here. The town populace is 200 individuals and 50 houses. Outsiders who come arranged with tents plan to remain under the open sky. They are features from the Woods vacationer that will be charmed to examine the stunning, mountain landscape the area is given for untamed life particularly avifauna and pollinator endemic toward the Western ghats. The wonderful mountain knoll and marshland oil traveling allure the spirit and the creative mind of vacationers' recollections will be appended always like the grand hazy pics that encompass as close to the top station. etkurangani area of reaches and mountain tops isolated by the ridge is loaded up with the enormous green timberland woods and eucalyptus and different ranch like tea espresso garden paper coconut mango and so on. Neelakurinji is blossoming; Kerala, God's Own Country is good to go to change its shading. This year, India's Spice Capital is going to shed its characteristic green shading, and will wear the captivating shade of blue! Furthermore, to observe this mystical change, you should book your dates, and head towards the scenic this hills in the flawless slope station of Theni. This year, the Neelakurinji blossom is good to go to captivate the Nilgiri Hills by and by in the wake of 12 difficult years! when Neelakurinji bloomed once and for all. With an all-out life expectancy of around a quarter of a year, blossoming will start this August and will proceed till late October. Visit the pleasant Kuranganihill between August-October to observe how the Nilgiri Hills gets covered by these purplish-blue blossoms that year!

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Kolukkumalai Trekking

Kolukkumalai Trekking is an excellent option for people looking to trek up a high peak without the long ascent. The walk starts from the Mountain Hut and traverse through tea estates, shoal forest and grassland. It is the opportunity for a spot of bi...

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Kurangani Tribals

Kurangani have no relation with the Muthuvans of the Theni district. Their clan activity is to collect honey. They collect honey from the biggest rocks on the slope. Tribes were living in the woodland area and we saw their residence apart from the h...

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Kurangani koveri donkey

They are specifically used to provide delivery in rural regions. The use of donkeys as percent animals is very limited, perhaps because of a loss of extension and appropriate equipment. In a few areas, consider the extra hilly regions of the Kurang...

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Betel nut a Tropical crop

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Kottakudi River

Kottagudi river flows from Meesapulimala in the foothills of Athiyuthu, Anakarai in western ghats.it is a tributary river which stretches for a distance of up to 40 km and then merges with the river Veerapandi....

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Kurangani delicious Mango

Mango and banana are the main fruits in Tamil Nadu, accounting for more than 81% of total fruit production. Mango has nearly 53% of the total fruit area. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, fiber and pectin, making them the perfect fruit to help control h...

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Kurangani Coffee Plantations

Coffee Plantation in Kurangani provides an opportunity to witness the complete adventure of the hills, proper from the seed to the packed powder. Lush-green Coffee Estate gives an awesome and extremely good experience of gaining an in-depth expe...

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The name “Kolukkumalai” comes from two Tamil words – “kolu”, meaning “pair of tea leaves with a bud” and “malai”, meaning “mountain.” Much of the tea from these Munnar tea plantations is exported from India. The 500-acre plantat...

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