Kolukkumalai Trekking

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Kolukkumalai Trekking is an excellent option for people looking to trek up a high peak without the long ascent. The walk starts from the Mountain Hut and traverse through tea estates, shoal forest and grassland. It is the opportunity for a spot of bird watching and looking for some rare plants. The world's highest tea estate is located at Kolukkumalai. You can have a relaxed visit of the plantation and the factory. During your time at the estate you will have the opportunity to pick tea with the workers, process it at the factory and can carry home a small pack of tea as a memento of your visit at Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. A walk with a naturalist is a rewarding experience for people looking for endemic and regional birds of the high ranges. Your naturalist will be an experienced local person who would know exactly where to visit to look for any specific bird species that you are looking for. The Meeshapulimalai trek is a very popular trek for people looking to walk up a tall peak. At 2636 meters Meeshapulimalai is arguably the second highest peak after Anaimudi (which incidentally is in the highly protected Eravikulam National and out of bounds to visitors) You can choose to start the Meesapulimali Trek from either the Kolukkumalai Mountain Hut or the Silent Valley Tea Estate. You also have the option of returning to the starting point of the trek on completion of the trek or walk down the other side. If you start walking from Kolukkumalai then you could finish the trek at Silent Valley Estate/ Rhodovalley or vice-versa. To get to the top you traverse through diverse terrain ranging from carpets of tea bushes to lush evergreen shoals, pine forests managed by KFDC and the undulating

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Kurangani Hills

Kurangani is a slope station on the Western Ghats from Bodinayakanur in the Indian territory of Tamil Nadu. Kurangani actually implies " The spot which wears monkeys as its gems'' in Tamil. This slopes journey is one of the difficult and hypnotizing ...

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Kurangani Tribals

Kurangani have no relation with the Muthuvans of the Theni district. Their clan activity is to collect honey. They collect honey from the biggest rocks on the slope. Tribes were living in the woodland area and we saw their residence apart from the h...

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Kurangani koveri donkey

They are specifically used to provide delivery in rural regions. The use of donkeys as percent animals is very limited, perhaps because of a loss of extension and appropriate equipment. In a few areas, consider the extra hilly regions of the Kurang...

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Betel nut a Tropical crop

Areca, a tropical crop, is popularly known as betel nut, as its common usage in the country is for mastication with betel leaves. It is a palm tree species under the family of Arecaceae. It has commercial and economic importance not only in India but...

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Kottakudi River

Kottagudi river flows from Meesapulimala in the foothills of Athiyuthu, Anakarai in western ghats.it is a tributary river which stretches for a distance of up to 40 km and then merges with the river Veerapandi....

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Kurangani delicious Mango

Mango and banana are the main fruits in Tamil Nadu, accounting for more than 81% of total fruit production. Mango has nearly 53% of the total fruit area. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, fiber and pectin, making them the perfect fruit to help control h...

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Kurangani Coffee Plantations

Coffee Plantation in Kurangani provides an opportunity to witness the complete adventure of the hills, proper from the seed to the packed powder. Lush-green Coffee Estate gives an awesome and extremely good experience of gaining an in-depth expe...

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The name “Kolukkumalai” comes from two Tamil words – “kolu”, meaning “pair of tea leaves with a bud” and “malai”, meaning “mountain.” Much of the tea from these Munnar tea plantations is exported from India. The 500-acre plantat...

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