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Kurangani Waterfalls is a small and unexplored but noticeably captivating waterfall within the district of Idukki. Located at Kurangani hills, the website online is visited particularly with the aid of those travelers who come to Munnar. A wide-angled splendor of this waterfall can be viewed from the   hills itself. However how close you get to it, the bigger its beauty will become.

For those who opt for adventures can pick trekking to reach the spot, even as others can rent a vehicle from Theni town. While traveling Kurangani waterfalls you may experience the beauty of inexperienced tea plantations, mist-protected hill tops, numerous plant life filled valleys, and so on. An extensive variety of birds and animals also are found close to this waterfall. Being small, the level of risk within the waterfall is also less.

Nearby places

There are a lot of locations close to Kurangani waterfalls. Some of the maximum popular ones are Munnar, Eravikulam countrywide park, Marayur, Neriamangalam, Adimali, Top Station Munnar, Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls, Pallivasal Dam and hydro-electric powered electricity station, Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, Devikulam lake, Muthirappuzha river, and many others.

How to reach

Kurangani Waterfalls is located on Kochi-Madurai Highway. Moving from Cochin around forty two km closer to Munnar, you could attain the spot. You can motel both to a taxi cab from the railway station or airport, or you can take a passenger bus to tour. If journeying via vehicle, you can attain the spot by using an hour and through bus it could take around 2 hours.

Samabalaru falls is the supply of Kottakudi river which serves the consuming water wishes of Bodinayakanur. The primary village has a populace of two hundred humans and 50 houses. Lodging is available in Bodinayakanur and Theni. Along with cottages within the important village.

It's situated 10km from bodi. It's a very nice area to see nature on a low budget and here one government guest residence is available to live. It has two small waterfalls. Kurangani Waterfalls is a small and unexplored however relatively captivating waterfall in the district of Idukki.

”It's situated 10km from bodi.Its very quality area to peer nature in low price range and right here one govvernment guest house is available to stay. It has two small waterfalls in the mountain. It's nice to peer. And its calm village destination for a mini ride"

Kurangini hills trek is one of the tough and enchanting treks of Tamil Nadu Kerala . Must do , it's typically organized through Bangalore Mountaineering Club or GutsyTribe . Plan and be a part of them . Magical Experience. Camping within coffee estates.

Kurangani is one such location in Tamil Nadu which harbours the rarest of herbal beauties. It is popular among locals for its quality surroundings and calm environment and consequently, it is a need-to-visit spot during the summer time. So, what do you believe you studied of planning a ride to Kurangani in Tamil Nadu this season? Read on to recognize greater approximately this fantastic expansion of nature.

Being part of the Western Ghats, the weather of Kurangani stays cool and pleasant throughout the year and consequently, it's far from a year-round vacation spot. However, if you are seeking to revel in the exceptional of its surroundings, then October to June is a nice time, as at some point of this period you could locate the beauty of the inexperienced surroundings at its peak.

It is thought for its sparkling atmosphere in which you can veritably experience the essence of uncooked nature through an alluring atmosphere. The location of Kurangani is also rich in flora and fauna and consequently, you can also spot several species of gaur, wild deer, leopard and tiger. Kurangani is home to 6 small streams which make its valley appearance greater photogenic. These streams, afterward, merge into the Kottakudi river. You can also capture the splendor of coconut and espresso estates.

Other locations to go to encompass Samabalaru Falls and Kottakudi river. Being a hilly area covered with lush green meadows, you may also go trekking, tenting and trekking right here. Kurangani is an ideal place for nature walks in addition to images. The perspectives of its surrounding hills at the time of nightfall, when the sun rays get filtered via dense woods, genuinely need to be witnessed.

Because of excessive winds, the summit is desolate and the dense tree cowl at the base makes the summit inaccessible from the lower floor, and there also are many other smaller peaks and hills near the height.

Between the Kurangani mountains inside the east and Kolukkumalai within the west, a mountain circulates. The hills are distinguished through a wide sort of flora and fauna, consisting of Indian gaurs, barking deer, langurs, wild cats, leopards, and tigers, and are prominent by using continuously converting temperatures, low-striking clouds, cold atmosphere, and heavy winds.

There are more than 6 small streams in Kurangani. Both of them reach the Kottakudi River collectively, wherein they then circulate the Vaigai Dam.

Visitor In Kurangani Hills is a health and tourism-primarily based online portal that offers all kinds of statistics to help the travelers, who come to Kurangani from far and near, locate their right amusement during their holidays.

Tourists who plan to go to Kurangani appear for proper statistics about the specialties of the proposed destination. When Kerala is the destination, they search for records on Kerala foods and drinks, pinnacle visitor destinations in Kerala, lodging centers, and so forth.

The website aims to offer enough and right statistics on all approximately Kurangani, making it simpler for them to have higher leisure throughout their excursion-journeys.

 Gathering all information wanted for any tourists to visit Kurangani, virtually turns into a great guide for tourists, telling all of them about tribute meals, artwork and tradition, top vacation destinations, chaste silent woods, and serene Nature, etc.

There is a herbal pool at the bottom of the falls.

The quality time to go to the falls is at some stage in the put up-monsoon season. It is feasible to reach the bottom of the falls through hiking down the hills. Swimming in the pool at the bottom of the falls is a memorable experience.

One of the great traveller points of interest, Natural surroundings with the medicinal value of waterfalls. Giving new revel in. Normally the water from the falls could be very relaxed. A lot of monkeys and birds are there. Falls are placed in the Western ghats of the Theni district. Best time to head there - June to December.

The falls lie very next to the road, and subsequently could be very easily handy. It is surrounded through green tea plantations and is visible even from a long distance. Unlike other waterfalls, the water here no longer drops down at once, however gently passes through no longer very steep hills. There are few layers in which the water drops down at once, but none of them from a more height.

 Lavish quantities of water are available to have an open shower below herbal suruli waterfalls. Security officers are constantly on responsibility. Lacks in basic amenities ..Wild animals are roaming round...This is located in a dense Forest.Tall bushes provide an unleashed sunglasses of big green canopy... Naturally breezing wind cools the premises..An ideal region for households.. Children and those of every age may be seen playing the wild. An excellent location to spend a day with family or pals.On the way to this vacation spot the plains are farmed with Coconut Trees and Betal Trees.

If you're a lover of tea and climbing, Kolukkumalai should be on your list of must-see sites. Kurangani malai is known for being the world's largest organic coffee estate and still serves food made in the most conventional way today.

The trek includes camping alongside the coffee plantations on the eastern edge so that you can wake up to the sun knocking first thing in the morning on your tent door.

 RENGHA TRAVELS AND KURANGANI TOURISM have established a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day. This business employs individuals that are dedicated to their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the company. In the near future, this business aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base. In Theni, this establishment occupies a prominent location in Theni. It is an effortless task in commuting to this establishment as there are various modes of transport readily available. It is known to provide top service in the following categories: Tour Operators, Tour Operators For Trekking.

Our tour manager and staff at this establishment are courteous and prompt at providing any assistance. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have.

The trek passes through mountain streams, far-flung villages with their own peculiar traditions, unending chains of hills, spice scented plantations (coffee, pepper), and spectacular views of the Western Ghats where no vehicle can go. Overnight stay at the Hotel and enjoy the climate and nature.

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