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Kolukkumalai is a small village inside the Theni district of Tamil Nadu at the border of Idukki district of Kerala. So, technically it's far from Tamil Nadu but Munnar (in Kerala) is the most famous gateway to Kolukkumalai tea property. To attain Kolukkumalai you want to rent a jeep from the gate of Suryanelli tea property from wherein the nine kilometers of crazy off-roading will start. It is the HIGHEST organic tea property in the complete world!  

The stroll up to the Kolukkumalai Peak at a height of 7000 toes (approx 2280 meters) begins at the entrance gate of the Estate and goes through the picturesque Tea-plantation until you attain the Sholas at the top. Parts of the stroll call for a mild stage of health but you may be nicely rewarded with lots of flowers and fauna as you walk and then the panoramic view of both the peaks in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The duration of the walk can be constant with the manual as in line with your comfort. The endemic Flora & Fauna and birds of the Western Ghats are the fine rewards of those treks.

Kolukkumalai height trek

About Place: Being the very best organic tea estate inside the world, Kolukkumalai is one of the high-quality locations to have a fresh cup of tea and trek round. Kolukkumalai is at 6,800 Feet above sea stage and it has a few remarkable views of a long way off plains in the bordering country of Tamilnadu.

Kolukkumalai hill haven of Munnar has long been one of the most cherished and favored vacation destination specifically for its misty perspectives and sprawling tea gardens Witness the terrific beauty of the tea gardens , play of the mist and fog and watch the panoramic views of the rolling hills from the top . Kolukkumalai Offering a staggering view of the steep slopes of tea gardens all around, the Kolukkumalai hills are nonetheless now not recognized with the aid of many due to the fact this hill station isn't always for all people. Only if you are a real nature lover and ready to take the bone-damn force up the hills – you may be capable of witnessing the superb beauty of the undulating tea gardens with majestic mountains within the historical past.

Kolukkumalai If there may be a heaven on the planet, it's far this,”It is in Kolukkumalai that the sector’s maximum natural tea plantations This power is to glimpse the heaven on the earth It is an inexplicable and dream-like experience, simply just like the waves of the sea Clouds surging among the hills with indescribable colours.

This vicinity can be accessed from Munnar from wherein it's far at a distance of about 32 km.But this one and a half hour journey may be really worth the time and efforts as you may observe breathtaking scenery at the manner to Kolukkumalai.

Kolukkumalai hills are domestic to the very best natural tea plantations inside the global .About 7130 ft above sea stage, Witness the terrific splendor of the tea gardens , play of the mist and fog and watch the panoramic views of the rolling hills from the pinnacle . Kolukkumalai hills is a ought to visit for each nature lover.

Kolukkumalai hills are still now not acknowledged by using many due to the fact this hill station isn't for all people.

Only in case you are a real nature lover and ready to take the bone-damn drive up the hills – you may be capable of witnessing the glorious beauty of the undulating tea gardens with majestic mountains inside the heritage.

Kolukkumalai Being the maximum amazing herbal tea domestic on earth, Kolukkumalai is brilliant compared to different spots to have a few tea and trek around. There is a tea manufacturing line building in 1930 where the tea is prepared typically.

Kolukkumalai is at 6,800 Feet above ocean level and it has a few terrific perspectives of the long way away fields in the circumscribing province of Tamilnadu. It’s a beguiling sight to witness the inaccessible slopes slipping all through the fog. In the wake of accomplishing the intention, we will unwind for quite a while with little investigation across the tea gardens and make a beeline for the campground for overnight remain in tents taken after by a supper and open air fire.

Kolukkumalai tea property is a private property, trekking is strictly prohibited due to Kurangani fire accident. Local tenting organizations and jeep drivers are worried, If anything happens to me, they'll lose their income for months. We simply started hiking, certain this one is straightforward to trek for us.

Kolukkumalai is the world’s highest elevation tea plantation at 7900 tons msl. Kolukkumalai is without argument one of the international’s most lovely scenic locations. Started inside the early 1900s the estate produces tea using the orthodox method in the time-examined tea manufacturing unit.

Why Kolukkumalai Tea?

No pesticide and No chemical fertilizer used, Tea plants develop slower due to excessive altitude.

Higher altitude, extra the high-quality tea. High Quality Caffeine - Good Mind Medicine.

Vintage orthodox production technique for high great low productivity - One of the very few factories in the international. Extreme steep terrains and extreme wind situations are challenging to our workers.

Healthy Tea grows in pure energizing pollutant-free air. Special Unique Taste.   Fortunately, if it was a festive season for the nearby villages, many people could visit the nearby villages, particularly Nagamalai. This can be used as a choice at this point, in case you pass the gate and begin hiking.

There had been ways to reach Kolakumalai top, one became by using avenue and the other by means of tea gardens. Hiking via the tea gardens is an adventurous and exquisite sight.

Water is anywhere within the basin. It has full-size water assets. Here you may bathe and revel in the scenic surroundings and start hiking. We can see some villagers walking towards Nagamalai to rejoice the festival.

 Once you reach Nagamalai, you can have tea. Beautiful view of Nagamalai village. Everyone is in heaven, so satisfied to be here. Kolhapur, Sunrise View Point is so lovely and noteworthy you don’t want to overlook it.

 We can live in Nagamalai and the villagers could be very helpful and they'll put together the meals we need. Early in the morning, approximately 4'o o'clock I was given up and moved quickly in the direction of the trek and the hill to look at the sunrise.

Sil, we reached the height of expecting sunrise. You also can trip a jeep to peer at the sunrise. What an unforgettable experience, exquisite vicinity. It is the second highest peak in Kerala, observed through Anamudi. People pass again to sunflowers after sunrise,

People who work in a tea lawn can meet and learn about their revel in. The villagers are very type and helpful and their every day salary for men and women is 380 rupees an afternoon. Everyone is related to each other. Finally, a paradise of revel in, aha we're lucky, got recognition for the trek to Kolukkumalai.

Thirty-five km outside of Munnar, India, the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is constructed excessive atop the precipitous

ridge that rises above the plains of Tamilnadu. At approximately 8,000 toes above sea stage, this is the

highest tea estate inside the global. Known for its terrific, flavorsome teas, this estate is also known for

its panoramic perspectives and for the rugged mountains that surround it.

The precise vicinity of kolukkumalai is in Theni district (Tamil Nadu) .

We could be going via Tamil Nadu into Theni then to Suryanelli, our base village.

Note: This is not a luxurious ride, we need to walk, hike, trek, take buses, please don’t crib.

Witness the gorgeous beauty of the tea gardens , play of the mist and fog and watch the panoramic views of the rolling hills from the pinnacle . Kolukkumalai hills is a must visit for each nature lover. It is a wonderful view, to say the least. Fortunate to see some neelakurinji flowers also but not in their full bloom.Took a jeep safari via suryanelli tea estate to visit kolukkumalai tea estate and neelakurinji flowers.

The bumpy ride via the tea estate, the mind-blowing scenic views of the nagamalai village within the estate, streams, waterfalls, tea estates and the mist covered mountains is heavenly. Witness the gorgeous beauty of the tea gardens , play of the mist and fog and watch the panoramic views of the rolling hills from the top . Kolukkumalai hills is a must visit for every nature lover

From Sunrise Tours to hiking and camping packages, Kolukkumalai offers an amazing adventure for anyone regarding their ages.

It is 12 km from Kurangani village to Kulukkumalai. The ZIG ZAG trekking route takes about 8 hours on average for a slow trek. But the scenery from every one hour trek is truly breathtaking. Lunch break is in the middle at Lonely Tree Point. Wow !! From there you can enjoy a real zig-zag trek by enjoying the beauty of the mountains! Above you can find the tallest organic tea factory in the world !!

Drink a cup of tea there, pay the nominal entrance fee and go to the tea factory. Either you can stay at the guest house / tent houses there or you can rent a jeep and go to Chinnakanal. It takes an hour to reach that adventure jeep ride icon, where lodging is found on every budget. The next day you may decide to return to Kurangani by trekking or by jeep.

      Things to do in Kolukkumalai Trekking.

  1. Reach Suryanelli Tea factory visit

  2. Adventure activity Zipline and kayaking  

  3. Adventure jeep ride through the rocks is bumpy majestic mountains  

  4. Reach base camp – Briefing  

  5. Explore the camp spot  

  6. sunset hike to nearby peak

  7. Campfire  

  8. Live Music – Dinner.

  9. Early morning Breathtaking Sunrise jeep trek    

  10. trek to the base camp through tea plantations  

  11. waterfalls visit

Rengha holidays organized the trekking of the permit of Tamil Nadu Govt. and Kerala Permit also, Kolukumalai trekking known as the "land of high passes” and renowned in the worldwide trekking community for its remote mountain beauty and culture.

And before you book your trip consider choosing one of the many treks located in Southern India. In this region, you can expect your treks to take you through numerous terrains. You'll walk along rolling green hills, past majestic architecture, diverse wildlife, and besides tea and coffee plantations.

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