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Exploring those locations via the dense forests & grassland paths provide you this kind of top notch exciting, beautiful trekking experience. Trekkers from all over the u . S . Travelling this vicinity often. Several foreign travelers do come right here and spend their time playing nature. Some nature fans inside the kingdom also often visit Kurangani Hills for trekking and other related sports.The things to revel in within the hills are frequently changing weather, low-placing clouds, cold environments and robust winds coupled with a wide variety of vegetation and fauna. Indian Guars, barking deer, languri, wild cats and birds can be seen. The farmers, however, warn of the presence of leopards and tigers. But aside from wild chicks and birds, we couldn't spot any wild animals.

Kurangani implies " The spot which wears monkeys as its gemstones'' in Tamil. This slopes adventure is one of the tough and hypnotizing trips of Tamil Nadu. This hill gives a dazzling spot for journeying lovers and nature darlings at the loose. The fantastic view of tea property slopes along the thick woods and mitigating prairies make the region prepared for letting you enjoy a cherished tour. This Hills journey establishes a 12 km climb from Kuranganitown to Top Station thru Central metropolis.


Mynaa is a romantic 2010 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed and written by Prabu Solomon. It stars Vidharth and Amala Paul in the lead roles, jointly provided by Udhayanidhi Stalin and Kalpathi S. Aghoram. Featuring through D an acclaimed soundtrack. Imman, the film that received a lot of hype before its debut, released on 5 November 2010, coinciding with the Diwali competition, earning major acclaim and winning the Diwali competition.

At the 58th Filmfare Awards South, Best Film Award. Actor Thambi Ramaiah went on to win Best Supporting Actor in 2011 with the National Film Award. Mynaa became a big achievement of Deepavali releases in 2010 and was released alongside Uthamaputhiran, and in 2013 this film became Bangladeshi Bengali as Poramon starring Symon Sadik and Mahiya Mahi.


After finishing the movie's script, Prabu Solomon travelled 7,000 kilometers overlaying 26 towns across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as he desired to discover a place filled with dense forests and surrounded hills. He subsequently determined it in Kurangani, a city 30 kilometers from the municipality of Bodinayakanur in Theni.

Realising that famous actors might be hesitant to live in a far flung location, Solomon decided to make the movie with newbies. It took Solomon 6 months to finalise the forged and crew. The movie changed into shots in herbal mild and with none makeup being used for the actors. Due to the remoteness of the capturing region, the group individuals needed to trek 7 kilometers day by day. Despite this, the primary photography changed into finished in seventy eight days.

Director Prabu Solomon is thought for his love for travel. His films reflect his craving to look at new places and live new reviews. ” This technique of setting a film in a place and showcasing its evocative beauty started out with Mynaa.

“Till then, nobody had developed the sort of language and scene-scape. They visualize an area at the drawing board and set out to recreate it on film. Sometimes, a village is the sum total of many locations in the usa,” he says. Prabu additionally makes it a factor to in no way shoot outdoors the u . S .. “There’s just no common sense. We have so much to showcase right here. Take Ladakh, as an instance… from snow to a desolate tract to a lake, you have got the whole thing there.”

They believe in taking pictures of the region. “That way, you get into the sector and awareness right now. Plus, a set can by no means do justice to reality.”


The movie became commonly shot in Kottakudi in the Theni district. This is in which the film director observed the stunning Chinese paddy fields; it turned into a village in a valley. They took the crew to Araku Valley, wherein we shot in a subject of yellow vegetation. They visited Kurangani Falls close to the village. They had visualized a village with a waterfall on one aspect, and yellow-hued fields, forests, and mountains on the opposite. They directed this film in Kurangani village via fusing snapshots from extraordinary places.


This is the movie from which the team determined to adopt a visible language. They shot in Kurangani, at the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. This location become at Top Station in Munnar from wherein they found this little village between 4 hills. That one reminiscence took them on an extended-winded journey… and they located Kurangani in Theni! The group shot in October, November, and December… whilst the leaves have been moist and the region changed into bathed in mist. It’s no longer simply the area; it’s the season too. If you shoot Munnar inside the summertime, it will be as lush.

Merku Thodarchi Malai: This movie is not anything brief of a masterpiece

Getting to the top is just a part of the undertaking for these workers. Once there, they're anticipated to paintings difficult inside the plantations, after which they must make their way again home the same way, on foot.

While all of the ladies and some of the men paintings within the estates, picking cardamom, maximum of the men are assigned the painful and disturbing task of carrying returned the sacks of accumulated cardamom on their heads, through the slim winding paths of the majestic mountain variety.

Braving wild animals, the men make the onerous journey, negotiating their way down the treacherous pathways while they carry the heavy sacks on their heads for a pittance.

The paltry sums they are paid to do that annoying work on a daily basis are what assist them to make ends meet. Despite the problems, they are trying to shop for money in the wish that sooner or later they, too, will be able to very own some land within the plains and farm it.

Lenin Bharathi's film captures splendidly the difficult lives that humans on this part of the world maintain to lead to at the present time, in the hope that a few day they'll forestall being landless labourers and flip farmers

From the shanties that double up as tea stores to the broken and thatched houses within the vicinity to the dark, hardened skin of the labourers, the whole thing you notice reminds you of what you can have visible and regarded of rural India if you have ever been there.

Even as he attempts to tell a tough story, Lenin Bharathi does no longer neglect to remind the audiences that the villagers are in concord with nature. For example, whilst Rangasamy begins his day at 4:30 am and heads to a tea shop on his bicycle, he encounters a poisonous snake slithering beyond on the principal avenue. The reptile goes its manner even as Rangasamy lightly rides past, without so much as preventing him to wonder if he will be attacked.

 Merku Thodarchi Malai is dedicated to landless labourers internationally. The tale centers around Rangasamy, a labourer living at the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and lines his aspirations of owning a chunk of land. The movie has been produced by Vijay Sethupathi and the music director is Ilaiyaraaja, the solid includes Gayathri and Antony. It is about within the Western Ghats and has largely used local residents of the villages as a part of the main forge.


Bodinayakanur is sixteen km away from Theni, connected with the aid of frequent bus carrier

15 km street connecting Kurangani and Bodinayakanur

Via Munnar it is easy to attain 100 km distance Road facility connecting Bodinayakanur and Top Station- Around

 Buses, jeeps and automobiles to be had from Bodinayakanur

12 km -- hiking distance among Kurangani village and Top Station

Central village is the half of-manner point between Kurangani village and Top Station

Best time to go to: August and December

Kurangani Trekking arranges the trekking of these places any time and perfect permit from the Forest office.The Kurangani Hills trek constitutes a 12 km hike from Kurangani village to Top Station thru Central village. Kurangani Hill is placed close to the Kolukkumalai Hills, that's a distinguished area for tea plantations in the international area that stands at an altitude close to 8,000 feet.

The charming splendor of the continuously converting climate and coffee-putting clouds make the spot heavenly lovely. Also, the chilly surroundings and strong winds along with the spell binding composition of flowers and fauna are some of the ordinary capabilities of the spot that make it perfect for a memorable hiking experience. The trek gets you the satisfactory scope of experiencing the natural world with campfire together with an at ease stay and a tremendous scenic beauty.

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Kurangani Hills

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Kurangani Tribals

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Kurangani koveri donkey

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Samabalaru falls is the supply of Kottakudi river which serves the consuming water wishes of Bodinayakanur. The primary village has a populace of two hundred humans and 50 houses. Lodging is available in Bodinayakanur and Theni. Along with cottages ...

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Betel nut a Tropical crop

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The medicinal plants were widely used for their primary health care by the various ethnic people. The major asset for the ethnic people who populated the foot hills and dense forests were the Western and Eastern Ghats. These forests contain thousands...

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“The fish has a big industrial price and In kurangani Hills, peoples are eager to develop techniques for cultivation of the fish. Catfish (Keluthi) are ray-finned fish which have prominent barbels, which look a lot like a cat's whiskers, giving i...

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Kottakudi River

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Kurangani delicious Mango

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Kurangani Coffee Plantations

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The name “Kolukkumalai” comes from two Tamil words – “kolu”, meaning “pair of tea leaves with a bud” and “malai”, meaning “mountain.” Much of the tea from these Munnar tea plantations is exported from India. The 500-acre plantat...

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